Our Values

Our Values

Ethics and Transparency

IPCEU assures that each action it undertakes is in compliance with Turkish and EU law as well as transparency standards and established ethical rules. 

Expertise and Reliability

Since 1971, IPCEU’s expertise in implementing local and international projects has earned the trust of both the public institutions and private companies we have collaborated with.

Contracts with our clients aim to assure reliability by setting clear rules for the protection of both parties in relation to confidentiality, avoidance of conflict of interest, billing rates, and monthly activity reports among others.

Management and Consultancy based on expertise, facts and deep knowledge of the case guarantee added value for all our clients.

Environmentally-friendly Approach

IPCEU recognizes the vital importance of environmental protection and sustainability and therefore takes an environmentally responsible approach to the projects it implements. All materials produced and distributed in the course of undertaking our projects are produced in accordance with responsible and ethical production standards, and are guaranteed to be recyclable. 


As a privately owned enterprise, IPCEU is able to operate independently of external influence or pressure by external parties which may affect the quality of the services we provide. We work with a network of international partners and renowned experts which enables cooperation with the networks and partners of our clients.